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Water and Shipping Authority

For the façade of the extension of the Kiel WSA a hull-like brick façade was envisioned. The slope had to be supported with brickwork in special designs.

The Kiel-Holtenau sluice is the eastern starting point of the Kiel Canal, the world's busiest artificial waterway. Located on the adjacent sluice island is the old part of the Waterways and Shipping Office in Holtenau which for the last decade has been waiting to be renovated. At the same time, an extension was to be built to combine the management functions, which were at that time were scattered in various places. In order to achieve a uniform appearance while at the same time taking into account the requirements of preservation of sites of historic interest, it was decided to equip the new building with a brick façade, which would consist of special formats and customised cornerstones. The façade inclination of 6 ° is thus associated it with that of a hull. The main entrance was placed between the old and new buildings and designed with particular attention paid to the contrast between old and new.

To support the approximately 750 sqm façade area JORDAHL supplied 230 JVA+ stainless steel brickwork support brackets in versions F and FAR in special designs, as well as loose brackets for the window openings. The special designs were necessary because of the 6 ° outward-tilting façade: To compensate for the façade inclination, the support plates of the consoles, which were attached using anchors, had to be tilted upwards at exactly this angle.

Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein AöR
pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG, Osnabrück
Construction Period
2011 - 2013