Since January 1, 2022, PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH, the PUK Group as well as JORDAHL GmbH and H-BAU Technik GmbH have merged into a single company. The absorbing company is the new PohlCon GmbH with headquarters in Berlin. PUK, JORDAHL and H-BAU Technik will continue to exist as strong brands, but not as independent companies. For purchase inquiries, please visit the PohlCon website. Information on products can still be found on the usual brand pages.

Shear Reinforcement Systems

Shear Reinforcement Systems

Flat floors and footings

Using JORDAHL® JDA punching shear reinforcements high column forces can be transferred in flat floors and footings, with minor formwork and reinforcement effort, allowing floor heights to be optimally exploited. The double-headed anchors are connected by a perforated foundation tie, can be used in in-situ concrete and element floors, and offer numerous advantages: Punching shear resistance and load bearing capacity can be increased by up to 90%, they can be installed from above or below and installation is especially fast and simple. The JORDAHL® JDA punching shear reinforcement is available in a number of designs, and we can also design flexible solutions for you, depending on your project's individual structural requirements.

The JORDAHL® JDA punching shear reinforcement has been awarded ETA-13/0336 and national technical approval under the number Z-15.1-214.

Suitable Products

JORDAHL® Punching shear reinforcement JDA
JORDAHL® Punching shear reinforcement JDA-FT-KL
JORDAHL® Shear reinforcement JDA-S


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