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Tunnel Construction

Tunnel Construction

Whoever needs to mount catenary or overhead cables, signalling equipment, illumination or ventilation equipment in tunnels can rely on JORDAHL® anchor channels and bolts. They can be quickly and easily installed. Thanks to the use of corrosion-free materials, they are durable, reliable and resistant to fatigue, seismic vibrations and explosions. The system thus meets all relevant safety demands, even years after the tunnel is completed, in innumerable projects across the globe: The safety and quality of concreted-in JORDAHL® anchor channels has been proven internationally and has set standards in connection systems.
JORDAHL® anchor channels are available in numerous designs to meet your needs. And of course, we are happy to design custom solutions optimised for your project.
JORDAHL® anchor channels come complete with European Technical Approval number ETA-09/0338.

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