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Our history

Our history From the invention of the anchor channel until today

The early 20th century is the century of reinforced concrete. This is where the roots of our company and our passion for fastening, reinforcement and connecting technology lie. Immerse yourself in the history of JORDAHL. Get to know the inventor of the anchor channel. Find out how the entrepreneurial drive of two men gave rise to a brand that planners and architects from all over the world trust to this day.

Foundation of Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH (DKG) by the civil engineers Ivar Kreuger and Anders Jordahl in Berlin
Development of the c-shaped anchor channel by DKG. Thus, the company played a decisive role in industrialisation, because large looms could be securely anchored for the first time.
Acquisition of the Deutsche Kahneisengesellschaft by Ingomar Pohl
Foundation of the joint sales company "J&P - die Baupartner" by DKG, PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik and H-BAU Technik
Foundation of the plant in Trebbin in Brandenburg
Renaming of the Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH into JORDAHL GmbH
Foundation of JORDAHL H-BAU Vertriebs GmbH
Joint sales under the new company PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH

It all began with the vision of Ivar Kreuger

At the beginning of the 20th century, Julius Kahn, who was of German origin, invented a revolutionary reinforcement system in America: the Kahneisen. Together with his brother Albert - one of the most famous architects of the modern age - he had already been testing it in spectacular buildings and thus laid the foundation for the worldwide triumphal march of reinforced concrete construction. In 1907, the Swedish civil engineer Ivar Krueger secured the European marketing rights for exactly this Kahneisen. In the same year he founded the Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH (DKG) in Berlin together with his friend Anders Jordahl, also a civil engineer.

Anders Jordahl - the inventor of the anchor channel

With Kahneisen, the still young company stood on solid ground. But it was not the only successful product in the range. Just six years after the company was founded, the Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft launched a completely new product onto the market: the c-shaped anchor rail. Anders Jordahl had developed it himself. On 11 December 1913, he applied for a patent for the rail under the name "Slotted hollow reinforcing iron for reinforced concrete structures to accommodate fastening bolts for bearing blocks and the like". This invention by Anders JORDAHL later became known as the very first "anchor channel". It is a milestone in the history of fastening technology and a component that still shapes architecture today.

Merger to form a strong group of companies

In the course of the coming decades, the demand for high-quality and reliable DKG products rose continuously - worldwide. The company continued to develop its product range. The anchor rail and the Kahneisen made DKG a pioneer in the European market. 1977 then saw another milestone in the company's history: The Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft was taken over by Ingomar Pohl. Pohl was already the owner of the cable support system manufacturer PUK. In 2001, he enlarged the group again with H-BAU Technik; a company that stands out for its innovations in concrete and precast construction. Together, the three manufacturer brands still convince their customers today with their expertise, experience and a high-quality product range.


More than 100 years after the foundation of the company, the name change follows. The company is named after the man who contributed so much to the success of the company with his ingenuity. And so in October 2012, the Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft will officially become JORDAHL GmbH. The name is deeply rooted in the company's own history and is a synonym for everything the company stands for: Innovative strength, expertise and the very highest quality.

PohlCon - Releasing synergies together

In 2019, the company entered a new sales channel. JORDAHL bundled its extensive product range and expertise with that of H-BAU Technik and the PUK Group - the PohlCon sales brand was born. Now the customers of the three manufacturers had a single point of contact for seven fields of application and ten different product categories. The comprehensive synergy concept was presented for the first time in 2019 with a joint trade fair appearance at the BAU in Munich.