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Maximum planning security

Maximum planning security with the free JORDAHL® EXPERT software for punching shear reinforcement

JORDAHL® EXPERT for shear reinforcement systems

Free download!

Software for calculation of JORDAHL® punching shear reinforcement JDA

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The JORDAHL® EXPERT punching shear reinforcement JDA is used to design flat slabs, ground slabs, precast slabs and footings.

The basis for the program is the European Technical Approval ETA-13/0136 based on the Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-1-1).


  • the most cost-effective solution is displayed first
  • fast and clear entry of load specifications
  • simple entry and structuring of projects
  • printout of a verifi able structural calculation
  • design load case earthquakes and fatigue
  • 3D view of the support
  • interactive insertion of edges
  • influence of entered data is immediately visible
    and understandable
  • for static calculation of site-placed concrete slabs, foundation slabs, precast planks/topping slabs and foundation blocks


  • split standard elements
  • piece-wise standard elements
  • optimised separated elements
  • continuous standard elements

Type of support:

  • inner, edge and corner supports
  • ends of walls and inner corners
  • of walls

The minimum degree of reinforcement for transverse forces is calculated in accordance with DIN 4149, and a detailed and easy to follow proof is provided.


  • the eff ectiveness of the recess is checked automatically
  • recesses can be easily inserted or moved at the click of a mouse
  • the program automatically detects overlapping recesses
  • manual entry of lengths to be subtracted for round cut
  • direct correction of measured values within the drawing
  • the locations of the opening are included on the printout of the recesses

The presentation of the punching shear area in the plan view and the cross-sectional view provides an immediate overview of the arrangement of the JDA elements.


  • verifiable printout of result
  • interim results, fi nal results and proofs can be followed and understood very easily (punching shear, earthquake and bond proof)
  • graphic result can be transmitted as *.DXF data file or *.DWG data file.


Do you have further questions about the software?

Read our answers on our FAQ page.

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