Since January 1, 2022, PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH, the PUK Group as well as JORDAHL GmbH and H-BAU Technik GmbH have merged into a single company. The absorbing company is the new PohlCon GmbH with headquarters in Berlin. PUK, JORDAHL and H-BAU Technik will continue to exist as strong brands, but not as independent companies. For purchase inquiries, please visit the PohlCon website. Information on products can still be found on the usual brand pages.

Online tool for the dimensioning of JORDAHL® JVB-V and JVB-N connecting straps


At JORDAHL we believe in the power of connection. This applies to our products as well as to the use of modern digital tools. Together they make the planning of a construction project not only safer but also more convenient and faster. Especially the field of prefabricated concrete components yields a lot of potential for the use of JORDAHL® JVB connecting straps.
The new design tool for JORDAHL® JVB connecting straps enables the user to easily plan the required prefabricated connection himself. Taking into account the installation situation and important parameters such as wall width, column depth or concrete quality, the tool outputs a selection of suitable connecting link sets. At the same time, it calculates the statics in the background on the basis of currently valid standards. Together with the analytical verifiability of the products and the precise calculation by the design tool, we are able to guarantee a safe connection of the precast concrete elements. Thanks to the Eurocode-compatible design concept, these calculations are not only valid in Germany, but in more than 30 countries without restriction. This ensures our customer’s maximum planning reliability even for international projects.
The online tool is structured in such a way that the user arrives at the results within three steps from the connection type via the definition of the loads. If the appropriate connection is planned, the result including the system sketch can be easily generated as a printout. If desired, the tool can be used to directly request an offer for the planned set.
The new online design tool can now be started in our service area.

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JORDAHL® connecting straps JVB-V and JVB-N at a glance:

  • Connecting straps are the first choice to connect prefabricated components
  • Components can be freely arranged in all three dimensions to compensate fabrication tolerances
  • Powerful, cost-efficient and fully verifiable

JORDAHL® toothed straps JVB-V

JORDAHL® toothed straps JVB-V together with JORDAHL® anchor channels JTA are used as load-bearing connections between concrete components. The interlocking teeth of the toothed straps allow acting loads to be safely transferred while providing the necessary adjustment to accommodate structural tolerances. Concrete elements can be aligned three-dimensionally.