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JAI provides sound insulation for freight and cantilever elevators

JORDAHL's proven and TÜV-certified elevator insulation JAI has been enhanced for elevators with high load capacity or backpack suspension. Until now, there was no solution for these applications on the market.

Sound insulation of elevator systems with high load capacities is a challenge. The same applies to elevator shafts that require backpack suspension due to a limited amount of space. Particularly in the hotel industry, in residential complexes or hospitals, these elevator systems are designed with the greatest possible sound insulation in mind. For a long time, there was no established solution for this on the market - until now. Based on the TÜV-certified elevator insulation JAI, JORDAHL has specifically designed two new types. They are specially designed for freight and backpack elevators and are suitable for both new and existing installations in all types of buildings.

Combination of two JORDAHL product solutions

The new types are based on the combination of two proven JORDAHL components: the JAI elevator insulation and the JTA anchor channel. The JAI elevator insulation, a sandwich construction consisting of insulation elements and steel inserts, is the decisive component for sound decoupling. It is connected to the guide rail of the elevator using an add-on part supplied by the elevator manufacturer. Once the JAI has been properly installed, the add-on part is completely insulated. This decouples the elevator from the building. In this way, sound transmission can be effectively reduced and high sound insulation requirements met. The JAI is attached to the shaft wall using the proven anchor rail. For freight and backpack elevators, JORDAHL has retained the principle of sandwich construction and adapted the design of its new types to these elevator types.

The right type for every project

The system can be individually adapted to almost any add-on part and retaining bracket of the various elevator manufacturers. JAI elevator insulation is space-saving, easy to install, and low-maintenance - even when retrofitted. You can also rely on our comprehensive service package from our PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH: From consulting to delivery, you get everything from a single source. Our experienced consultants will be happy to help you select the right JAI type. They will take into account the number of fastening points and fastening levels as well as the space required between the guide rail of the elevator and the wall. The same applies to the forces acting on the guide rail. The type of wall mounting and the wall attachment of the elevator system also play a role in selecting the optimum elevator insulation. Please feel free to contact your PohlCon contact person.

Meet us at the trade fair

Come to the first Swiss Elevator Day on November 9, 2021, in Wallisellen near Zurich. Our expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mazen Ayoubi will present our new JAI types for sound insulation in elevator systems in a technical lecture. You will also have the opportunity to receive on-site advice from our experts on your upcoming projects. Looking forward to seeing you there!