Since January 1, 2022, PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH, the PUK Group as well as JORDAHL GmbH and H-BAU Technik GmbH have merged into a single company. The absorbing company is the new PohlCon GmbH with headquarters in Berlin. PUK, JORDAHL and H-BAU Technik will continue to exist as strong brands, but not as independent companies. For purchase inquiries, please visit the PohlCon website. Information on products can still be found on the usual brand pages.

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Connection between BIM modeling and design software

A new plug-in in the Revit BIM software and an extension in our JORDAHL® EXPERT program combine these two tools for more efficient, accurate, and faster planning of anchor channels in construction projects.

The JORDAHL® EXPERT software enables verifiable structural calculations of JORDAHL products in specific installation situations and supports verification for anchoring in concrete. The Revit software for BIM (Building Information Modeling), in turn, is a much-used tool for structural engineers, planners, and architects for 3D modeling of construction projects - from design to execution. The new plug-in in Revit creates a direct link between the two applications for the benefit of users.

For a fluid planning process

The prerequisite is the use of our BIM data in Revit planning, specifically the certified, hot-rolled, and cold-formed anchor channels JTA W and JTA K. These are automatically supplied in an integrated library when the Revit plug-in is installed. Now the BIM program is the starting point for the design: There, the anchor channels can be drawn in the 3D model and adapted to the respective construction situation.
Then, thanks to the plug-in, all positions can be automatically exported to the JORDAHL® EXPERT software, designed, and modified if necessary. The calculation result is then sent back to Revit, where existing models are overwritten and adjusted in a controlled manner. There is a clear assignment of static verifications to the anchor channels. The result is an error-free 3D planning model.

Sustainable and digital

The advantages are obvious because the conventional procedure up to now consisted of manually entering all framework conditions such as concrete quality or edge distances in the JORDAHL® EXPERT software as well as dimensioning the anchor channels and then entering the data in Revit. Thanks to the now installed link between planning and structural analysis, efficient and accurate project planning can be ensured. Transfer errors are minimized and the effort required is reduced.

Future-proof construction is our program: Our anchor channels not only have the EPD environmental product declaration but thanks to the software solutions they can now also be optimally and sustainably adapted to the respective construction situation. Contact us. We will be happy to advise you! You can find our software solutionshere and in the download center.