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Sustainable building: EPDs for JORDAHL products

JORDAHL offers Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for mounting channels, brickwork support brackets, punching shear and shear reinforcement as well as anchor channels. By promoting ecological transparency, they make an important contribution to the implementation of the circular economy.

Sustainability has long since gone from being a "can" to a "must"

Sustainability in the construction industry is no longer a matter of niche interest. Investors around the world now evaluate building projects not only on the basis of aesthetic and economic criteria. Ecological, economic and social aspects now play a similarly important role in building design. This is also reflected in many tenders. With "Environmental Product Declarations" - EPD for short - we now provide our customers with information on the quality and environmental impact of our products in an internationally standardized format.

EPDs as information basis for green building certificates

We were the first manufacturer on the market to obtain sustainability certificates for mounting channels, brickwork support bracket, and punching shear and shear reinforcement. Our anchor channels now also have an EPD. These environmental product declarations serve as a valuable source of evidence for planners when they want to equip buildings with green building certificates such as DGNB, LEED or BREEAM. The EPDs provide clear information on the content and environmental impact of the tested building products. The entire life cycle is taken into account; from the extraction of raw materials to the demolition of the building. All information is based on international standards and has been verified by the Institute for Building and Environment (IBU).

JORDAHL worked closely with myclimate to implement the EPD. The experts at myclimate Germany have specialized in the preparation and implementation of environmental product declarations (EPDs) for many years.

Our EPDs are available in our download center, on the website of the Institute for Building and Environment and of Building Material Scout.