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JORDAHL® Double shear connector JDSD

JORDAHL® double shear connectors are the universal solution for transverse force transmission across constructional joints and provide high capacity for transferring shear loads in the longitudinal and transverse direction. They are used for connecting concrete slabs, supports, beams, prefabricated parts, in-situ concrete, parapet etc.



Available in stainless steel, corrosion resistance class III or IV. Consistent at high exposure to corrosion, e.g. chloride/sea water.

Assembly Instruction


  • Rigid construction ensures high load-bearing capacity
  • No explosive effect in the concrete
  • Optimised pressure distribution due to integrated transverse dowels
  • Easy and quick installation with optimum anti-twist protection – also by strong mechanical influences during concreting
  • Uniform transmission of forces
  • High-precision production enables copious freedom of movement for uniform transmission of forces at both dowels
  • No twisting due to the two connected dowels
  • Double shear connectors JDSD: for longitudinal movement
  • Double shear connectors JDSDQ: for longitudinal and transverse movement
  • Effective corrosion protection

Fields of Application