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JORDAHL® toothed straps JVB-V and -N

JORDAHL® toothed straps JVB-V and JVB-N together with JORDAHL® anchor channels JTA are used as load-bearing connections between concrete components. The interlocking teeth of the toothed straps allow acting loads to be safely transferred while providing the necessary adjustment to accommodate structural tolerances. Concrete elements can be aligned three-dimensionally.

  • Toothed straps JVB-V: for shear load connections, for example: precast panel connections
  • Toothed straps JVB-N: for tension load connections. Adjustment range ± 38mm



Available in electro zinc plated steel or stainless steel (A4).



Here you can find our online tool for the dimensioning of JORDAHL® JVB-V and JVB-N connecting straps...

Assembly Instruction