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JORDAHL® Brickwork support bracket JVAeco+

The JORDAHL® JVAeco+ facing brackets durably and economically secure brickwork facades. They accept the dead weight of the brickwork support and transfer it to the load-bearing structure via the properly designed anchor channels or wall plugs. Together with the load-bearing structure, a double-skinned construction is formed, with excellent building physics properties.

Reducing the thermally conducting material to the primary structural tasks minimises heat flow in the region of the JVAeco+ facing bracket.


Available in lean duplex stainless steel, material number 1.4362.


Type JVAeco+ N/NA: for supporting plain wall areas (can be used with intermediate angled bracket).

Type JVAeco+ P/PAR: for normal wall areas/boundary situations.

Type JVAeco+ F/FAR: for supporting visible/invisible building openings/external corners.

Type JVAeco+ NFT/NAFT: for openings supported by prefabricated lintels.


Assembly Instruction


  • Excellent thermal properties.
  • Reduces thermally conducting material.
  • Meets the requirements of German energy saving regulations (EnEv), and German standards DIN 4108 and DIN 18599.
  • For creative facade design, including for high buildings.
  • Simple tolerance compensation using height-adjustable bracket head.
  • Comprehensive JORDAHL® service and advice.
  • Economical installation on JORDAHL® anchor channels cast in concrete.
  • National technical approval no. Z.-21.8-1868.
  • Scope of supply: JORDAHL® JTM thermal collar for further reducing heat losses in the air space.

Fields of Application