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JORDAHL® JMK-S+ refurbishment bracket

Energy efficient refurbishment of existing houses is becoming increasingly important. In particular in cases where the characteristic clinker architecture needs to be retained or new, high-quality facing facades are to be installed, traditional support systems reach their limits.

This led us to improve our JMK+ grout-in brackets. The new JORDAHL® JMK-S+ refurbishment bracket is specially suited to the demands of refurbishing old facades. Even in existing, low-quality and low-strength masonry high loads can be transferred through the JMK-S+ refurbishment bracket.


Available in lean duplex stainless steel, material number 1.4362.


Type JMK-S+ N/NA/NU: for supporting plain wall areas.

Type JMK-S+ P/PAR: for normal wall areas.

Type JMK-S+ F/FAR: for supporting visible/invisible building openings/type external corners.

Type JMK-S+ E/EA: for end areas.

Type JMK-S+ NFT/NAFT: for openings supported by prefabricated lintels.

Extensive range of accessories.


  • Efficient system for energy efficient refurbishment of old building facades, taking heritage aspects into consideration.
  • Suitable for new high-quality, facing facades, also allowing the characteristic appearance of listed clinker facades to be retained, even in low-strength masonry providing secure support for brickwork support.
  • Compensates for building tolerances thanks to its versatile adjustment option, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Load bearing capacity up to a characteristic load of 12 kN.
  • For any dimension of gap between walls.

Fields of Application