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JORDAHL® Support corbel JBA

JORDAHL® support corbels JBA are typically used to support precast concrete façade panels on floor slabs. They are often used for precast concrete facades featuring punched or ribbon windows, or in situations where precast units are used as parapet panels. Normally, two JBA units are used to support each precast panel. This enables straightforward installation and ensures equal distribution of loads to the support corbels.


Available in Lean Duplex stainless steel, strength grade S460.


Standard and reversed panel bar configurations for support corbel JBA

Both standard and reversed design variants are available with or without frontal levelling pin JGW and square bearing plate JVL


Assembly Instruction


  • Eight corbel sizes available
  • Included: JORDAHL® Support Corbel JBA and installation accessories contained in the JBA Set. These accessories consist of matching JORDAHL® Toothed Locking Plate JXS, Horseshoe Shim JVS, Square Bearing plate JVL, and Threaded Levelling pin JGW
  • Lateral installation adjustment provided by connection to cast-in JORDAHL® anchor channels
  • All JBA Set installation accessories can also be ordered separately
  • Comprehensive JORDAHL® customer service and expert technical support
  • Available with or without Levelling Pin JGW which is used with Square Bearing Plate JVL for frontal vertical adjustment of the corbel.
  • Fast and easy design provided by JORDAHL® EXPERT Support Corbel JBA software
  • Steel technical approvals, Z-30.3-6 and Z-30.3-21

Fields of Application