JORDAHL® Brick tie channel Kt

JORDAHL® brick tie channels and the associated brick ties ensure durable and reliable connection of the brickwork to adjacent components.

Due to their low profile height they are also suitable for installation in heavily reinforced concrete components.


Available in stainless steel (A4).


Brick tie channels Kt with rearward anchors are concreted into reinforced components; anchors can be bent out; ensure proper anchoring of components which have been stripped particularly early.

Anchor channels JTA K: are concreted into reinforced concrete components

Mounting channels JM K and JML K: for attachment to wood or steel components



  • Excellent thermal properties.
  • Reduces thermally conducting material.
  • Meets the requirements of German energy saving regulations (EnEv), and German standards DIN 4108 and DIN 18599.
  • For creative facade design, including for high buildings.
  • Simple tolerance compensation using height-adjustable bracket head.
  • Comprehensive JORDAHL® service and advice.
  • Economical installation on JORDAHL® anchor channels cast in concrete.
  • National technical approval no. Z.-21.8-1868.
  • Scope of supply: JORDAHL® JTM thermal collar for further reducing heat losses in the air space.