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JORDAHL® Scaffold shoe JG

JORDAHL® scaffold shoes JG are used to safely install mounting platforms in elevator shafts. The data on the load bearing capacity of the products is based on the principle of the design concept according to DIN EN 1993 (EC3) and was tested and confirmed by an independent testing institute, TÜV Rheinland® certificate no. R_60085529.


In accordance with the load bearing capacity, the JORDAHL® scaffold shoes JG H/K are delivered to the installation site in colour-coated form as standard. After installing, the load bearing capacity can be checked by colour at a distance.


Scaffold shoe JG type H with scaffold sleeve for plug-in assembly
Scaffold shoe JG type K for fastening to the anchor channel or with drilled bolts


  • Available in different models for various load categories
  • Standard design for square timber widths of 10 cm; for square timber widths of 12 cm on request
  • Fast assembly without electric devices (when planning the installation with a sleeve or anchor channel)
  • Avoidance of additional personal protective equipment for manufacturing the mounting platform

Fields of Application