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JORDAHL® Punching shear reinforcement JDA

The JORDAHL® punching shear reinforcement JDA are used for the transmission of high shear forces in flat floor applications with reduced requirements for formwork and reinforcement and for optimum use of space. They can also be used for foundations and consist of double-headed anchors connected by a strip.



Double-headed anchor: made of B500B

Strip: made of structural steel



Versatile fabrication possible depending on static requirements.

Assembly Instruction


  • In comparison to slabs without punching shear reinforcement, the punching shear resistance and load-carrying capacity can be clearly increased
  • Reduced requirements for formwork
  • Installation possible from the top and bottom
  • Can be used for slabs from a thickness of 18 cm
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Lower construction height of the ceiling due to higher load-carrying capacity than conventional reinforcement technology
  • Level ceiling underface
  • Can be used for all support positions and support forms

Fields of Application