JORDAHL® Elevator insulation JAI

The JORDAHL® Elevator insulation JAI is used to decouple elevators acoustically from the elevator shaft. Comprising of insulation elements, a supporting frame made of steel as well as two bolts of the JC or JB type, the elevator insulation is fastened to a JORDAHL ® anchor channel. The elevator guide rail is connected to the JAI element by an attachment part. This system is then used to fasten the elevator guide rails to the shaft wall and behaves like a massspring system.


To ensure maximum flexibility during assembly, JORDAHL® JAI elevator insulation is available with a round hole connection or an oblong hole connection (JAI ... -J - adjustable). Fields of application can be centrally carried elevators and backpack-like carried elevators. Custom solutions for individual requirements are possible.


Galvanized steel or, if required, stainless steel.

Load Groups

The load-bearing capacity of the JORDAHL® elevator insulation JAI according to the TÜV certificate takes into account the deformation criterion for guide rails according to EN 81-20.

Assembly Instruction


  • Structure-borne sound insulation of up to 26 dB confirmed by Fraunhofer Institute
  • Field tests: Reduces airborne sound by 12 dB in adjacent rooms according to reference measurement
  • Your system solution for noise reduction and fastening in elevator construction
  • Easy fastening to the anchor channel
  • High flexibility due to mounting on attachments of the elevator manufacturers
  • Compact module between guide rails and elevator shaft
  • Increased process safety for acoustic design of elevators
  • Increased living comfort due to less noise pollution
  • Design examples to check the deformation of the elevator guide rail are available

Fields of Application