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JORDAHL® windposts consist of a u-shaped construction with elongated holes for inserting JMA wall junction anchors. They are attached to noggin pieces or reinforced steel concrete floor slabs in order to separately take up the loads for each floor. They secure the brickwork horizontally and bridge the thermal insulation and the lightweight walls. JORDAHL® windposts are therefore particularly suitable for use in the construction of energy efficient buildings. At the same time they offer great advantages if no load-bearing substrate is available, as a replacement for air space anchors where there are no load-bearing walls and also for cases where the brickwork support is exposed to strong wind loads.


Available in lean duplex stainless steel, material number 1.436.


  • For securing the horizontal position.
  • Use of lean duplex steel allows thermally and structurally optimised designs.
  • Design load 0.75 kN/m.
  • For floor heights up to 4 metres.
  • Other dimensions, loads and connection types are possible.
  • Development of custom solutions on request.
  • Also for securing perforated brickwork.

Fields of Application